Camp Molly

Our Story

Our goal at Camp Molly remains the same; to show young females aged 15 to 18 years old that a career in the fire service is a viable and rewarding option.

Camp Molly pays tribute to the first female firefighter on record in North America, Molly Williams. In 2019, the fire departments of Halton Region hosted the Inaugural Camp Molly, and with the
generous support and donations from many charities, clubs, and business owners, it was an overwhelming success.

camp molly


Throughout camp, attendees learn about the many branches of the fire service including:

Fire suppression

fire suppression fire fighting camp
The campers will work as a team to advance hose into a smoked out structure.

Auto Extrication

fire fighting Camp
Using the Jaws of Life the campers will learn about the different types of tools and how to take a car apart.


communications fire fighting camp
Campers will have the opportunity to explore one of the backbone sectors of the fire service.

Fire Prevention

camp for fire fighting
Education is Step 1 and campers will learn about the many precautions to be taken to prevent potential fires

Fire investigations

fire fighting camp
For those that have a passion for Science and are driven to find out the why and how behind a fire, the fire investigation evolution will ‘spark’ their interest.

Public Education

Camp Molly
Camp Molly participants have the opportunity to learn about delivering public education messaging.

media relations

Camp Molly
One of the key messages in the Camp Molly motto is highlighted here as the campers learn to ‘see themselves differently’ and gain confidence in self when working on scene.


firefighting camp
The campers learn the basics of CPR and using an AED as well as how to stabilize a patient and prepare them for transport.

Forcible Entry

Camp Molly
Here the campers learn about mechanical advantage and break down barriers and bust through doors proving to themselves and others that they are unstoppable.

Firefighter Survival

fire fighting camp
Be prepared to be challenged but know that you will be supported every step of the way!

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Camp Molly provides the opportunity for these young women to meet and engage  with strong female role models in their community and the entire 4-day camp experience is free. All costs associated with running Camp Molly are met through the generous support of donations and contributions.