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If you are under the age of 18, please provide Parent/Guardian details below.
Camp Molly Expression of Interest. Each applicant must also submit a typed essay (no more than 500 words) in the space below. In your response, please describe why you would like to attend the camp this year and outline what qualities you believe someone in the fire service should possess. Please type your response below.
The following questions will help to ensure that you have a safe physical activity experience. Please answer YES or NO to each question.
Camp Molly offers a unique and rewarding experience, which often captures the attention of media outlets. To ensure that names of students are not published without permission, parents/guardians are asked to sign for consent below. I hereby give permission to have my photo/video and/or my child(ren)’s photo/video taken to be used in any publications, promotional and/or marketing collateral (i.e. brochures, website, advertising, social media, etc.); and local media coverage without compensation. Names will not be published without permission.